Your personal data is not just numbers to us. They are a part of you!


Our commitment is to you and the protection of your personal data. We have introduced new measures to ensure best practice in securing and protecting your personal data.

Processing your personal data:

  • To send you communications on topics that will interest you;
  • So you can receive promotions offering discounts and information about your shopping centre;
  • And to provide you access to the reserved area on your shopping centre’s website, where you can see all the promotions you have signed up to, and define your preferred shops and products.

However, if at any time you want to stop receiving our promotions and communications, it is very simple to do so. Just cancel the subscription (unsubscribe) or get in touch with us by any of the ways outlined in our “Data Protection Commitment”.

And there’s more. As the owner of the data you can also:

  • Request information about how we process your personal data;
  • Request that we correct and update your data;
  • And, in certain cases, you may request restrictions to the processing or even deletion of your personal data.

Our responsibility is to provide you with all the information. To this end, we commit ourselves to:

  • Informing you about all the ways we process your personal data and the uses to which it is put.
  • Guarantee that the information is clear, up-to-date and available;
  • Remove your data when it is no longer necessary or when you tell us you would like it to be deleted;
  • And, when contracting services, to choose suppliers who offer more guarantees in respect of the security and handling of your data.

Because we want to ensure you are always well informed about this matter, we have produced this “Data Protection Commitment”, which we would ask you to read.

Should you have any questions about the processing of your personal data and this website, please fill the form available here or contact us at