The Environment

Protecting the environment for current and future generations is one of Sonae Sierra’s main concerns, and we focus on the following four main areas of impact:

  • Climate Change
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Land Use

We strongly believe that innovative and committed Environmental Management can improve our proposal for added market value, by reducing costs and risks associated with incorrect environmental practices.

Sonae Sierra’s approach to the environment is based on the implementation of our Environmental Management System (EMS), that adheres to the ISO 14001 regulation. Our EMS includes all business activities we participate in and is enforced in all countries where we operate. Its objective is to increase ecological efficiency and to promote adequate control of significant environmental impact that may occur due to our business activity. Thus, we maintain our commitment to all points outlined in our Environmental Policy.

As part of Sonae Sierra’s Corporate Responsibility policy, AlbufeiraShopping is committed to sustainably improving parameters related to its environmental performance, through increasingly effective resource management.

We believe that in order to achieve a sustainable future, we must maintain and improve awareness of environmental issues.

Francisco Cid, Director of AlbufeiraShopping, invites you to enjoy the shopping centre in a safe, comfortable and environmentally responsible manner.

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For more information regarding our Health, Safety and Environment Policy click here.