The Environment is our responsibility

The 21st century has barely begun, and we have already registered the 16 hottest years ever. 2016 was the year that temperature records were broken, and temperatures soared all over the country. This climate change has noticeable effects on our ecosystems and on the biodiversity of our planet, and endangers the entire population.

It is our job to make things better. Over the past five years we have counted on you to make a difference and take care of our planet.

2016 was not only the hottest year on record, but also a year for great developments. Significant measures have been taken in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases such as hydrofluorocarbons, and this is extremely good news. This reduction could avoid an increase of 0.5ºC in the average temperature. This may not sound like much, however, the UN has considered it to be one of the most important steps we have taken in order to minimise global warming.

Furthermore, the Paris Agreement, which regulates the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, was approved and signed by 55 countries held responsible for 55% of greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is that together, they may ensure that the average global temperature does not increase by more than 2ºC. These measures were adopted so as to significantly reduce the impact of climate change on the world, focussing mainly on preserving the ozone layer and avoiding the rise of the sea level (studies predict an increase in 2.5 metres by 2100)

These facts take into account that the world population will double by the year 2050 (totalling 10 billion people), which in itself already provides a challenge in terms of sustainability, infrastructures, transport, food safety, and the availability of natural resources.

However, global trends also show that the population are becoming more concerned with the planet and environmental sustainability. A natural result that has arisen from this concern, is that companies are increasingly focussed on reducing their ecological footprint, and that more environmentally friendly technology is making an appearance in our lives. And this is where we can also make a difference:

  • Save water. A simple act that greatly contributes to the planet’s environmental sustainability.
  • Use more environmentally friendly products, containing less chemicals.
  • Recycle: rubbish, containers, clothes
  • Swap traditional lightbulbs, for energy saving bulbs.
  • Try to use renewable energy as opposed to fossil fuel.
  • Five simple gestures, which have a great impact on the environment. After all… It’s our responsibility!

The environment has been a constant concern for AlbufeiraShopping over the past few years, and thanks to you, our customers, we are becoming more and more environmentally friendly!

Here are just a few great examples of what we have saved over the past five years:

  • 400 tonnes of CO2, which is the same as 400 trips from here to the North Pole!
  • 300 tonnes of rubbish, which is the weight of 2000 Sumo wrestlers!
  • 840 Mwh, which is the energy consumed during 700 football games
  • 3 600 000 litres of water, which is enough for 24000 baths!

Thank you so much for helping us help our planet. We will keep up our efforts to see this through. Join us!